31 01 2010

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Amazing Worship Experience

4 10 2009

Let me first start by saying that I absolutely love my church, Northern Hills!  Today was an amazing Sunday morning worship experience.  For me, it was one of a handful of worship experiences I have had in my life where I felt as if the Spirit was physically prompting and prodding me to respond to God in my worship of Him. 

You can CLICK HERE and check out the worship service from Sunday, October 4th.  Scott Hamilton was teaching and my wife, Neva, was leading worship in our main venue, The River.  I’m not sure how you will respond or what God will reveal to you through this worship and message, but here are some of the things that happened to me today:

  • during worship I removed my sandals from my feet, something I do somewhat regularly.  I am reminded of Moses and his encounter with God as a burning bush in which he was instructed to remove his sandals as he was standing on holy ground.
  • I couldn’t keep my hands in my pockets or at my sides today either.  More so than normal I was compelled to raise my hands as high as I could in complete surrender to God.
  • When it came to giving our financial gift to the church I was eager and joyful to do so today…something I haven’t felt in quite some time.
  • Scott positioned a wooden cross at the front and center of our stage as the service concluded this morning and we were invited to come and rest at the foot of the cross do business.  It was cool to see people respond and come and pray at the front.  I didn’t expect what happened next.  At one point there were 3 women all praying down front and the Spirit began to speak to me and I can remember my body literally beginning to shake as I felt overwhelmed.  His message: there are 3 of your sisters-in-Christ doing business with God and you need to go and pray protection over them as spiritual warfare is raging all around them.  I moved.  And as I walked down front I began crying and walking faster as my body felt like it wasn’t my own.  As I got down front I just remember praying alound over those 3 women as they were at the foot of the cross dealing with whatever they were dealing with.  As I prayed I literally felt as if there was a shield of protection surrounding them as they prayed…not because of me and what I did, but God’s presence literally providing them a shield.  As the time went I couldn’t help but smile and feel overjoyed as the worship continued.
  • As the band played the last few songs I felt as if I sang louder than I have ever worshiped before.  It was amazing!

Me, my son, a flag pole, a public school, amen

25 09 2009

A few weeks ago I was explaining to my 8-year-old son about the national event that Christian teenagers participate in every year, See You At The Pole.  His excitement continued to grow as I told him how students gathered together, whether a few or a crowd, to pray for our nation, their schools, reaching their friends with the Gospel of Christ, their teachers, etc. 

His response, “Daddy, we HAVE to do that!”

So this past Wednesday my son and I headed to school 30 minutes early so we could pray at 7am.  I was hopeful that there might be others, but my son goes to a K-8 school so I wasn’t sure if any middle school kids might be there.  As it was, my son Christian and I were the only two there and it didn’t bother him a bit.  We prayed together for his school and that he would have the opportunity to share the Gospel with his friends.  We also asked God to provide him with other Christians at his school who would support him in his quest to reach his campus for Christ.  As we said “Amen!” a friend from our church who is a teacher there showed up and was saddened that she missed our gathering.

That day when I got home Christian shared with me that the teacher saw him later that day in school and took a moment to pray with him in the copy room in the school office.  As a dad, I thought that was totally cool.  Thank You God for providing my son a support system at his school.  May you continue to bless him with boldness and a zeal for the Gospel of your Son Jesus Christ!  Would you grant him success over the next 5 years to reach his campus with Your Good News!


Blaze Conference Tour Resources

24 09 2009


Dare 2 Share’s amazing Marketing Team has been hard at work developing new, cool resources to promote the Blaze conferences! You will find everything from posters, flashbanners, a letter to parents, logos…it’s all found at this link:


Have fun using these resources to promote the conference in your city and with your teens!

Dare 2 Share Insider 03

18 09 2009

Don’t forget to throw out your guesses as to the two cities we might be considering for the 2010-11 conference tour!

My Sales Team at Dare 2 Share – August Review

15 09 2009

I love my Sales Team (all 6 of them, 7 of them starting 9/21) and everything that they have accomplished recently.  They have been successful over the past few months in a very trying economic time and our Blaze conference tour is looking incredible right now!  I love the effort they have put into our success and the results they have been able to generate.  We typically take one of our 15-minute team check-ins at the beginning of a new month to acknowledge the hard work, celebrate what we accomplished for that previous month, and I award 2 “traveling” trophies to celebrate the Ministry Advocate that has earned the Registration Sales trophy and our Curriculum Sales trophy.  These trophies are “traveling” as they change hands at the end of each month if another Ministry Advocate was able to de-throne the previous month’s winner.  This is one of my favorite meetings of the month.

All of that being said, I had a team member approach me a few weeks ago and mentioned to me that I was doing a great job celebrating the top performers, as I should, but I was missing an opportunity I used to take advantage of in celebrating everyone on the team that hit their Call Activities as well as their Sales Numbers.  Example: last month 6 of 7 Ministry Advocates hit their Sales Numbers for the month but only the top performer was rewarded with our trophy for Registration Sales. 

Then this morning I was reading Sales Caffeine by Jeffrey Gitomer and his article was on rewarding those who have earned it.  It hit my right between the eyes that by rewarding my two top performers (sometimes the same person) I was doing a good thing, but by not acknowledging the individual team members that also did their job and hit their numbers, I wasn’t doing a great thing.  He also mentioned blogging about it so here I am typing away!

All of that being said, I am still going to reward my top performers for their successes each month, but I also want to encourage and reward anyone on my Sales Team that go the job done and hit their numbers as well.  Trust me, they will still be fighting for the trophies – they are sales people and they are passionate about what we represent!

August Sales Awards

Registration Sales Trophy – Joni Scudder, Ministry Advocate to Chicago
Curriculum Sales Trophy – John Musil, Ministry Advocate to Columbus

100+% to Sales Forecast – Joni Scudder, Ministry Advocate to Chicago; John Musil, Ministry Advocate to Columbus; Jamie Stanley, Ministry Advocate to Phoenix; Adam Cedillo, Ministry Advocate to Seattle; Chuck Acker, Ministry Advocate to St. Louis.

Exceeding Call Stats – Brian Conn, Ministry Advocate to Denver; Joni Scudder, Ministry Advocate to Chicago

*                    *                    *                    *                    *

Congratulations Team on a great August!  I look forward to celebrating our efforts and success in September!


A Jesus to get excited about!

11 09 2009
  • How excited would our teens be to come to Youth Group if this is how we taught Jesus?
  • How many churches would be packed every Sunday morning if they understood that this is the God they worship?
  • If we shared our faith with this same excitement and zeal how many people would put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ?
  • What would the world look like if all believers were this passionate about Jesus?